blue green roofs

multifunctional rooftops

Worldwide cities are aware of the need for resiliency because of increased urbanization, the urban heat island effect and (rain-) water management issues (drought and flooding) due to climate change. Food and everything related is the central theme of the exhibit of the Netherlands at the World Expo 2015 in Milan and it's our pleasure to show you how we can contribute to a resilient city, by learning and benefitting from nature. Urban cooling, food production and storm water mitigation are such functions Urban Green Space can provide for us; all of them improving human health and urban livability. During the EXPO in Milan we're introducing our multifunctional rooftops and sustainable sports pitches. We hope that by sharing our solutions, people worldwide can grow plants where they are needed most and that people will be able to live better lives in cities worldwide!


Watch the latest short version of the video for a rapid explanation of how blue-green roofs improve the urban climate and livability 

 Watch the full video of the World-EXPO in Milan for a detailed explanation concerning multifunctional blue-green rooftops