blue-green roofs

Permavoid – Drainage and Capillary irrigation system for multifunctional rooftops


With the Permavoid Drainage and Capillary irrigation system we have managed to create multifunctional roofs; capable of storing more water, with less weight and having all the stored water available for plant irrigation without the use of pumps, hoses, valves or energy. By using capillary fibers we have succeeded to create a natural water cycle on the roof, optimizing horizontal drainage and maximizing green functionality of the vegetation with passive vertical capillary irrigation. With an electronic and weather controlled outlet/overflow valve system, water management on roofs has become measurable and controllable, making it safe for the building owner and of interest for City Water Management and the Water Management Boards. 

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Permavoid – Construction of Orlysquare Blue-Green roofpark in Amsterdam


Greensource - Drinking water generation and rainwater management under sports pitches


The GreenSource system is capable of catching and storing large quantities rainwater underneath a sport pitch. The system can be installed on rooftops, or at ground level. The stored water is transformed to potable water using the latest membrane filtering technology.

Royal TenCate, Pentair and Permavoid joint their knowledge of synthetic turf systems, water handling & storage and water filtration to find a sustainable solution for the drinking water challenges of a North-West province in South Africa. The joined forces of these multinationals in the Netherlands are combined with the Saxion University, Landscape Solutions, Mmapula Community Development, Royal Turf SA, North-West Provincial Government in South Africa and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs to install the first twenty GreenSource systems, starting in 2015.


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